My favorite saying? “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”
The bit I want to add? They all have the potential to do so!

And that’s my philosophy. Everyone has a great pool of potential waiting for them to tap into. And I want to help you discover that pool of potential. You might have not discovered it yet, or you may be of the belief you don’t have it. I guarantee you, everyone has that secret pool of potential. It is my passion to assist you discover your true potential and capabilities; to assist as many people as I can to be “successful everyday”.

I started my journey in Belgium studying for a Bachelor of Social Work. After completing my degree, I acquired a taste in social science and decided to continue my education by studying a Bachelor of Psychology.
I immigrated to New Zealand in 2007 and have since worked in a variety of social services settings, working with people of all walks of life. Immigrating to a new country was not an easy step. It was a journey that I now perceive as very successful regardless of the hoops I had to jump through. It is exactly those hoops  I had to jump through that assist me with understanding the difficulties and challenges we all come across at some stage.

With my background in psychology and as a certified Master NLP-practitioner,  I use a variety of tools, techniques and methodologies to coach you in the direction of you being successful.

“Thank you so much for Friday’s session, it truly made a difference and something fell into place deep inside me :). People often sell themselves short because they don’t understand their unique personal value. With Evelien’s help I overcame some deep self-imposed limitations and I feel now I can reclaim my life and shoot for the stars. I am forever grateful!”


“Evelien is great. She has a great basket of tools that she is able to pick from to help with your specific needs. I have quite a “think I know everything mind” so she is great at positioning a thought that later changes my behaviour. Working on yourself with Evelien is an investment that will payoff. A+++”